The Fluffy Spot with Fluffy Da Body… aka @FluffyDaBody1 (Part 1)

Saturday we had the chance to catch up with RVA’s Fluffy Da Body, needless to say…This was a very interesting interview.

TheRVAlien: OK So; we’re in the building with “Fluffy Da Body”!!!

Fluffy: Wassupppp y’all!!

TheRVAlien: Fluffy, How did you get that name?

Fluffy: Umm a friend of mine kind of thought I was built like Buffy the Body…

TheRVAlien: Is it the person who’s saying he “created you”?

Fluffy: Fuck No! But anyway like I was saying, a friend of mine said I was built like Buffy The Body, but a little more fluffy in some areas, See…Fluffy represents ALL BIG GIRLS, All the chicks over 170, I represent all of them.

TheRVAlien: SO a skinny chick can’t be fluffy?

Fluffy: No skinny chicks can be fluffy too!!

TheRVAlien: SO if they are skinny, in order to be “fluffy” they have to at least have a big ass face?

Fluffy: Why da bitch gotta have a big face?

TheRVAlien: Well, some skinny girls have big faces, and they look small until u look at them in the face…

Fluffy: See, I’m Fluffy Da Body, there’s only one, But I have chicks that roll with me and they are called “The Fluffers”… and to be a “Fluffer”, all you need is some confidence…and you can be a skinny girl and be a “Fluffer”

TheRVAlien: as long as she got a big face….

Fluffy: see, I didn’t say anything about her having a big ass face!

TheRVAlien: Ok So, you’re in the radio industry in Richmond, what’s the name of your show?

Fluffy: It’s called “The Fluffy Spot” and it airs Thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm, We talk about sex and relationships, and you know…anything that arouses you.

TheRVAlien: SO, you haven’t been doing radio here in Richmond long have you?

Fluffy: About two months now, I like it a lot.

TheRVAlien: Now your show has pretty much been on the same path since you started, you know sex, relationships, your twitter follower count has jumped tremendously, where do you see yourself in a year?

Fluffy: In a year I want to see the numbers jump majorly, I am not going to lie and be like You know my whole goal is to get syndicated, I just want people to be more sexually aware, be like you know “I heard this on The Fluffy Spot” or if it just causes ONE PERSON to wrap it up, you have heard me repeatedly promote safe sex from the beginning to the end of the show…

TheRVAlien: yeah, I noticed your show does strongly promote safe sex, you’re not just talking about sex, but you are promoting the safe aspect of it, What is the one thing that you feel RVAliens lack “knowledge wise” when it comes to the who sex topic?

Fluffy: I think the biggest problem is TRUST. People here trust entirely too much when it comes to the person they are having sex. For example this one dude sent me a DM (on Twitter) when I was discussing the topic “A Lady should carry an assortment of condoms” and he was like “You’re making chicks out to be whores”, and I was like “No! I’m making them responsible!” 


The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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