The P Show (Part 2)  @2ThePShow

Pumpkin: Since I have been with All Fired Up Radio, I have been doing marketing and promotion, (Phone rings) So I’m doing all that I can to expose talent, just like with your website, the whole point for me is to help expose businesses and talent. I mean, I’m showing up at a lot of events and I’m meeting a lot of people through this, so for me it’s all about supporting each other and trying to be there for other people and not only that but, helping people get their own shows.

TheRVAlien: What are your views on Richmond?

Pumpkin: The one downfall in Richmond, is that people don’t know how to support each other…Its A LOT of people around here that don’t support the next person, they are more concerned with how they can cut your throat, or how they can do what you’re doing and go up a notch, or how they can pull some of your people from you, it’s just a lot of backstabbing, you know what I’m saying? But that’s not how they HAVE to do it. We can all do it together; it’s enough people in Richmond for us all to work together without the backstabbing.  It’s a lot of hate, so for me, my main goal is to try to support everybody that I can. If I can’t be there for you I will try my hardest, but all in all, I just want people to do the same for me.

TheRVAlien: So now as far as you doing radio, a lot of people start out with their shows being one way and before you know it they change the whole formula, after being in entertainment since 2002, do you still find yourself learning as you go?

Pumpkin: With radio it’s a lot, I still learn a lot every day, Where I am now, I’m just learning a lot as far as radio, it’s like 106.5 The Beat and iPower 92.1, like I’m learning just like them, everyday I’m learning something new.

TheRVAlien: So now you are with All Fired up Radio, Do you feel like this is home, like this is where you are supposed to be?

Pumpkin: Yes, because it’s no longer about money, it’s about promotions now, you know like they want to push my show and brand my show, so like I said it’s no longer about money, versus “I want to take your money, but I could care less about how well your show goes. SO yes, this is definitely home.

TheRVAlien: Is there anybody you would like to shout out on

Pumpkin: Yes, definitely! I would like to shout out Mr. TopHat, LAC Entertainment, Bizzy Blanco (, Fluffy, StefTaDef in the building, TheRVAlien, and Vernetta, like all the people who stood by me, because there is so much shade in this entertainment game, and you would think there would be more people congratulating you and bigging you up. It’s so many people smiling at you but copying everything you’re doing, honestly it makes me feel like I want to hide everything that I’m working on or doing. It makes me want to say…with the guest on my show, DJ’s on my show, like I’m all about everybody working together but don’t be sneaky about it and do things behind my back, because it’s not even that serious.

Tune in to Part 3 on Friday!!! This Saturday, go to at 3pm and listen to The P Show LIVE!!


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