The Fluffy Spot with @FluffyDaBody1  …(Part 2)

TheRVAlien: So what does “The Fluffy Spot” have in store for the first quarter of 2012?

Fluffy: The one person I would love to have on my show is Trey Songz, but I don’t know if I could make that happen…

TheRVAlien: What would you do if Trey (Songz) was on your show?

Fluffy: Oh my God, I mean…I don’t even want to discuss that, what’s the next question?

TheRVAlien: Nooooo, I want you to answer that one!

Fluffy: I actually am a really deep Trey Songz fan…

TheRVAlien: A groupie?

Fluffy: Hell no, I mean it’s a difference…

TheRVAlien: Nooo answer the question, are you a groupie…you wouldn’t be a groupie for Trey Songz?

Fluffy: HELL NO, I wouldn’t be nobody’s groupie…Hell No, I said I’m a fan.

TheRVAlien: You’re lying…I swear to you that you are LYING!!

Fluffy: I like his music, I think he is very attractive, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give him some pussy just because of those…

TheRVAlien: Lies…You should promote yourself as “Fluffy the Groupie”… (Laughs) Now, I have heard the fluffy spot, you have a few different characters and personalities on the show, is there anything else you want to bring to the show?

Fluffy: Ummm, we soon we will be hitting a whole range of different topics, I kind of like the way the show is though. We may consider start ustreaming the show,  I also have a new mix tape coming out, I don’t really like calling it a mix tape, but The Fluffy Spot mix tape will be on the website soon, it will feature some fuck music for everybody, I’m sure you all will enjoy it.

TheRVAlien:  Sooooo Fluffy…Richmond wants to know….Based on a topic that you had (Spit or Swallow December 2012) Do YOU spit ot swallow?

Fluffy: Oh Richmond wants to know…ummmm, I’m going to say Swallow. And my reasoning is because it does have some health benefits, and I feel like, if I have your dick in my mouth, there is a connection of course, so im going to just be a big girl and take it back, why would I spit it out…Just like if a dude is eating a female he should swallow her too…

TheRVAlien: Swallow what? Discharge?

Fluffy: Eww no! If I squirt the dude should swallow it!

TheRVAlien: But isn’t that like 98% piss?

Fluffy: No!!! It’s not 98% piss…that is a myth.

(At this point I must say, I, TheRVAlien has done some research…and I am going to tell all of you that:

One very practical objection relates to the reported volumes ejaculated since this fluid must be stored somewhere in the pelvis, of which the urinary bladder is the largest source. The actual volume of the para-urethral tissue is quite small. By comparison, male ejaculate varies from 0.2–6.6 mL (0.04–1.3 tsp) (95% confidence interval), with a maximum of 13 mL (2.6 tsp).[67] Therefore claims of larger amounts of ejaculate are likely to contain at least some amount of urine. The eleven specimens analyzed by Goldberg in 1983,[65] ranged from 3–15 mL (0.6–3.0 tsp).[66] One source states that Skene’s glands are capable of excreting 30–50 mL (6–10 tsp) in 30–50 seconds,[54] but it is unclear how this was measured and has not been confirmed. One approach is to use a chemical like methylene blue so that any urinary component can be detected.[66] Belzer showed that in one woman he studied, the dye was found in her urine, but not her orgasmic expulsion.[29]

PAP and PSA have been identified in the para-urethral tissues, using biochemical and immunohistochemical methods, suggesting that the ejaculate likely arises from the ducts in these tissues, in a manner homologous to that in the male.[68][69][70][71][72] Another marker common to the prostate/para-urethral tissue in both sexes is Human Protein 1.[73]

PSA occurs in urine, and is elevated in post-orgasmic samples compared to pre-orgasmic. Simultaneous collection of ejaculate also showed PSA in both urine and ejaculate in all cases, but in higher concentration in the ejaculate than in the urine.[50]

Source: Wikipedia

TheRVAlien: So I heard you have a foundation called “The Fluffy Foundation”, can you tell us about that?

Fluffy: Well, The foundation is still in the works, so I won’t release much information at the moment but you will know everything at the end of February. But we will have an event to teach big girls how to pole dance and an ass clapping class for the big girls, but when I say big girls I mean grown and sexy, not just heavy or should I say Fluffy girls. And a portion of the proceeds will go to The Fluffy Foundation.

TheRVAlien: Who would you like to shout out in Richmond??

Fluffy: I want to shout out my circle… I do want to shout out Elite Management my former PR team because they did believe in my vision, Neco’s Cupcake Bar, because these are the people who pushed me when I first came up with the idea, DJ X, GG, BB The Barber and the dudes at Capital City, because they consistently sponsor the show, my brother J.T,  because there was one time when I had some issues at the studio and they pushed me to keep going, Triumph and Munee of ETP , because these people are always motivating me. I love all of you and to the fans, keep listening on Thursday nights at 7pm on or

TheRVAlien: Thanks so much Fluffy Da Body.


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