I am truly inspired by Richmond’s own “Black RVA”, a group of young people such as @WonderfulMiMi & Jae Mac just to name a few, however the reason I am saying this is because it’s crazy that I have always been disappointed in the amount of positiveness that our wonderful city sometimes lacks, and seeing their video reminded me that we can still support each other and promote “Group Success”. They are doing powerful things for our city and youth and I want EVERYBODY, not just RVAliens, but EVERYBODY to support them, Business owners, artist…whatever it is that you do, you can be a part of this movement!!! Check them out on YouTube, Follow them on Twitter @BlackRVA . As a whole we can do this, I see a lot of people tweeting #Team this and #Team that, well lets quit every other team and join ONE POSITIVE team #TeamBlackRVA !!! I’m excited and hyped about whats to come!!!


The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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