The Forbes 5: Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists

$110 Million

He definitely proved from day one that he was not only gangsta rapper, but a business man. Coming in at # 5 is 50 Cent with a net worth of $110 Million. 

$125 Million

CEO of Cash Money, Birdman comes in at # 4. He proves that the block can still be hot and it can all be legit paper. He is worth a whopping 125 Million.

$260 Million

Producer/rapper Dr. Dre made the deal of a lifetime when he sold 51 percent of Beats By Dre to HTC for a whopping $300 million. Coming in at # 3 is Dr. Dre with a net worth of $260 Million. 

$460 Million

Throw your diamonds in the sky…literally with the # 2 Hip Hop Artist on the Forbes 5 list… Jay – Z. Roc Nation CEO/Founder Jay-Z and his $150 Million deal with Live Nation & part ownership of NBA team NJ Nets Jay-Z clocks in with $460 million in overall wealth.

$550 Million

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been in the industry for almost two decades. With investment deals including Ciroc Vodka and cable network Revolt, Diddy tops the list with half a billi in wealth. $550 Million!!!!


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