KimYe Beefing Already Over HIS Gwap — And Is She Knocked Up Already?


This week’s print edition of Star magazine has a juicy story about Ye beefing with Kimmy Cakes over her being nebby about his cashflow… and her already toting a gut full! Here’s some details:

“Kim and Kanye had their first real fight at the beginning of April,” a source tells Star. “Kim is obsessed with money, and it was starting to irritate him how that’s all she can talk about.”

During a date at NYC’s Serafina restaurant and a visit to toy store F.A.O. Schwarz, “She kept asking him about his touring revenue, the properties he owns and his savings,” says a source. “Kanye finally had to tell her to back off and chill out. He told her that she has nothing to worry about.”

“She feels like she got burned by Kris Humphries because he wasn’t totally honest about his income,” the source explains. “She wants to make sure that Kanye’s worth as much as she thinks.” If he is, “she’ll move forward with the relationship.”

“She wants the kind of money where she can fly in private jets for the rest of her life, an insider explains. “She knows she may not be able to work forever, so she wants a man who can ensure that she’ll always have teh kind of life she wants.”

But wait there’s more… Head over to for the FULL STORY!!


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