@FluffyDaBody1 ‘s Rules of Engagement- Lesson 5


 “Unsolicited dick/pumpum pics are a NEGATIVE” 

          When is it acceptable to toss out an unsolicited dick or pumpum pic?  I read both Steve Harvey’s and Tiona Smalls books, but I didn’t see this section covered. It’s probably not because this rule of engagement should be a no brainier. Let’s say you’ve exchanged numbers because you want to get to know someone a little better…somewhere after the third text, you get an unsolicited “area” pic! *_* Ummmm…in my opinion this is yet another DEAL BREAKER! If I ask for it, that’s one thing, but to just toss out a “area” pic is just ugghh!  Let’s say your having dinner with your parents. Or You haven’t changed the settings on your phone and it displays the message on the home screen prior to opening it.  COME ON!!!  Lets just go south and say the receiver is not impressed and shows the pic to all who wish to get a good laugh. My point is you don’t know who is going to see your “unsolicited” pic!  Make sure you and the receiver have an understanding and they don’t mind getting your area pic anytime of the day or night before you just toss it out!   

Fluffy Note: This only refers to pics just being sent without discussion between the “sender” and “receiver”….typically prior to a relationship. 


The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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