My blog vs yours???REALLY?


It’s amazing to me how certain bloggers people have the ability to beef over popularity; I cannot get over the fact that it has come to this point. I find myself reading all blogs, competition or not. For the most part I am not entertained, and that’s fine because EVERYTHING isn’t for EVERYBODY. However I do find myself supporting a select few, My favorites are ,, , and a few more. But what has me feeling some type of way is the fact that a certain, unknown blog has on occasion thrown punches at The funny thing is, I could have helped you…because based on the changes being pointed out to me, you seem to admire my work. My point to you is, I am not a hater by any means; in fact I hate the word HATE, but please be original. My site is what the fuck it is, whether you choose to call it trash or what, It gets decent traffic, granted you have a few more hits than me…The numbers don’t lie. In fact you have had about 50,000 hits over the last year, and I have had almost 20,000 in almost two months, but honestly, I don’t do this for competition, I do it because I love it. I have been blogging for 5 years; my first site started in 2007 and for those interested in seeing it…its still there. So…rumor has it that some people in your little circle said that I blog because you blog, or something STUPID to that affect, But TRUST ME when I say…In NO WAY does your site inspire me to do anything, besides catch up on sleep…Now I haven’t mentioned any names on this “Venting Session” but I’m sure you will know who I’m talking to when you read this!


By the way…Here are some more sites for you to check out!!


One thought on “My blog vs yours???REALLY?

  1. I chk your site out because it’s different from the rest, n I enjoy reading your post they are entertaining, n very different from mine @ salanasbuzz, do keep doing you. I love your blog 🙂

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