30 IS NOT the new 20!! W/ @FluffyDaBody1


 Recently I had a conversation with my boy about getting his gold crown taken out.  We laughed about it because he said he remembers me laughing when he got it. I wasn’t laughing at his choice to get it, but because at the time he was 30 years old.  We laugh now because he’s 40 and now he doesn’t want it. My point to him then (as it is now) was…why do people wait til they’re 30 or over to do dumb shit???  Let’s say you have a romance with that (cough, cough) cigarette since your 20’s, I could understand if your 35 and you still smoke. But! If you never smoked and you start at 35 *_* , WHY ARE YOU STARTING NOW??!  Let’s say you’ve never committed a crime, but now you’re in the Gotcha for stealing out of the $5 and below…your 34! WHY are you doing dumb shit at your age????  Those who are younger than us look to us to be responsible adults. We should act like it! Oh, not only in our actions, but this includes our speech also.  It makes my ass hurt to hear a grown ass person using words and language like teenagers! Some “new age slang” makes my ears bleed! It’s even worse when I hear a motherfucker over the age of 30 talking that way! Yes there are SOME of us who don’t look over 30, but the fact is …YOU ARE!! 30, 35, 38 is NOT the new 20! It’s STILL fucking 30, 35 and 38! Get a damn grip, act your age, grow up and stop waiting til you’re over 30 to do dumb shit! 

PS: There is no reason to wait until you are 45 to start stripping…Maybe this image will help you understand my gripe!!


The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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