Tami Roman Speaks About Being A Mother and O’Neal Leaving The Show?!?!


Tami Roman stopped by “WENDY” earlier today where she teared up while speaking about her “image” on “BBW” and how it has affected her daughters and what they think about her. She also talks about Shaunie O’Neal thinking about quitting “BBW” because she can no longer defend it.

Tami Roman (wearing Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes and B. Foxy J&A earrings), dropped by the “WENDY” show today and she and Wendy revealed that they go way back (Wendy was invited to her wedding to Kenny Anderson). Tami joked that she knew where her husband was by listening to WENDY on the radio. Speaking of Kenny, she said they are not friends, did not co-parent well and as a result, he doesn’t have a relationship with their two daughters (Lyric and Jazz).

Speaking of her image, Tami said all of the women have had moments they are not too proud of. And she added that she realized she wasn’t honoring the platform VH1 and Shed Media gave her.

About the violence, Wendy said Evelyn jumping on the table was her last straw. And for Tami, she admitted that she has apologized to Kesha Nichols for her behavior.

She also addressed her heart scare (caused by life stress) and her love of beer (which led to a need for liposuction).

Tami revealed that she has landed a role on a certain scripted series, but the network has not announced it yet (“Single Ladies”?). Despite this new job, she will be returning for season 5 of “BBW.” But during her return, expect a “better” Tami because she said she never wants her daughters to be ashamed of her again.

The girls took a lot of abuse on social networking sites from viewers this season and Tami said today, “I acted a pure fool. I’m openly admit that. I’m making a vow that I will never see that look in my children’s eyes again.”

We also learned that Shaunie may be leaving BBW!!!! Shaunie went to meet with her pastor on last night’s season finale of “BBW.” She shared that she is trying to figure out if she should “walk away” from the show because she can no longer defend it or stand by it. The Exec. Producer & co-star added that she is wondering how she is being viewed as a black business woman.



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