Tia Mowry’s BOLD New Cover on VIBE VIXEN’s June/July Issue


Tia Mowry is no longer the cutesy girl next door!! She is full grown and MEOW sexy!! / The 33-year-old actress, wife & new mom has been upping her hot factor on BET’s “The Game” for the last few years. And now that she’s parting ways with the show, it’s clear she has come into her own.

Tia Mowry–rocking an insane gold necklace, an electric blue skirt and stark white blazer with colorful accessories–dished to VIBE VIXEN magazine what she thinks about critics of the new seasons of “The Game”…and she actually agrees! Kinda. The now former star says the show has changed–but the new feeling of a “mini movie” could be a good one.

On Reactions to “The Game” this season and the show changes—

I basically agree with them. I do think the show is different and it’s taken a new turn, but it’s not a new show. It is more from a drama perspective now and these last few episodes have been amazing. It’s almost like you are watching a mini-movie, and for the fans that watched it from the beginning, they can’t adjust well to the difference, but new fans love it because it’s a real show. I have to appreciate that these characters are real and they come from a realistic perspective. We talk about topics that a lot of people don’t want to talk about.

I really love Tia!!! I’m very happy about her growth in her career and her maturity as she transitioned into motherhood.


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