Azia’s story…

I want to bring some attention to this bullying thing that’s taken the country by storm , Here is a story in a mothers own words…

My daughter Azia has been being bullied for the past 4 years. They have called her names, started rumors about her, threatened her on google, in school & hit her. At first when it was just the name calling I used to tell her to ignore it, but when they started picking with her and started rumors about her, I started calling the school, seems like I have called the school more about bullying then they have called me about one of my children being sick in the clinic. The first 3 years years of brushing it off was rough but Azia managed to stay out of fights, this year, on Azia’s first day of school, she came home crying because the kids were calling her slow because she has a learning disability. I called the school and texted the principle, that resolved nothing, so over the months Azia had been picked with in just about every class she had, lunch was hell for her and a girl ever pulled out her ponytail and threw it in the trash, so I sat down with my girls and had a talk with them. You know that old saying our parents used to tell us “if anybody hits you… you hit them back”, well I had that talk with both Azia and her sister China. Thats when the trouble started. See Henrico County has a policy that caught my attention this year “The zero tolerance policy”, which states “no matter what the situation or who threw the first hit a student is not to engage in a altercation” which means that if somebody walks up to your child while they are sitting at their desk and starts fighting on them your child is to do nothing. I don’t know one person who was raised to follow that rule, it is human instinct to fight back! My daughter has been suspended over 5 times this year, sent to ASL, and sent out of the classroom for defending her self either verbally or physically.

Yesterday my daughter was on the school bus and a young man and her exchanged words, the young man grabbed my daughters breast, and she bit hit to get him off her, a girl, one of the boys friends grabbed my daughters hair and yanked her from her seat where they took off her shoes and beat her with them and tried to “teabag” my daughter. She came came home crying with a knot on her head. I asked her what the bus driver did and she said “the bus driver watched and just drove like nothing happened” so i called transportation, to see if they could explain to me what happened, they had no idea, because the driver never reported it.

The school suspended my daughter for the remainder of the school for bitting the boy during the altercation and today was her last day. When she was walking to the bus ramp to come home another one of the kids we have had problems with ALL school year came out of his classroom into the hallway where he and one of his female friends threatened to “beat my daughters a**” I also reported that, but being that once again she verbally defended herself she will be in just as much trouble as they are.

Today is Tuesday and my child has come home crying both days and I had to pick her up from school friday for being picked with. This has been going on for too long and too little is being done.

If there is anyone who can help me with this please email me at



5 thoughts on “Azia’s story…

  1. When I was in school I was bullied and picked on alot and it was horrible I feel for any kid that is going through this. The kids that are doing this are very insecure and probably don’t have a very stable home life but that does not give anyone the right to pick on anyone. I use to sit n think of why these people did not like me but if you could’ve seen what they looked like you would know exactly why they hated me I had everything they didn’t long hair nice body nice clothes and shoes while they were drawing timberland signs on their boots

    crackheads, in jail, homeless, or dead cause they gone mess with the wrong person. For the little girl that’s being bullied keep York head

  2. U need to report it not to the school, but to the school broad and if you have to go higher then that do it. I would also before anything bad happens take her out of that school and put her into another school. That might be going out the way but as a mother we have to protect and keep our babies safe.

  3. Chesterfield county schools are the same way. My son was defending himself after he put up with name calling etc. My son had top go to an assault diversion program(because the school filed assault charges). The children aren’t allowed to defend themselves anymore. They have to sit there and take the abuse. I have called to complain to the school. I eventually got a waiver and switched schools to see would he do better.

  4. I find that people get noticed and responses and action when people go the media. I’ve noticed recent stories of institutions responding from media pressure. Also seems to be a great site to draw attention to injustices.

  5. first you need to make sure your daughters Ok

    you cant fight hate and ignorance with more hate and ignorance. the boy grabbed your daughters breast and they tried to tea bag her call the police. sounds like sexual assualt. the school is responsible for the children until they get into their house. i got suspended for fighting after school at the bus stop and thats the same thing they told my mom. dont call or text the principle you show your face and make sure you look good when you go up there. not im going to the club good but i have a job that pays me well good.
    kids that bully feed off of people saying mean things back it usually something missing in their life. if your daughter has another encounter with any of them tell her to ask them why they keep messing with her. theyll probalby say “because i dont like you”.

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