Game 1 of The NBA FINALS!!!! Who Will Come Out On Top In The End?


It’s gonna get crazy tonight for Game 1 of the finals Heat V.S. Thunder!!!

King James & The Miami Heat will travel to Oklahoma to face Kevin Durant aka Durantula & the Oklahoma City Thunder for the quest for their first NBA title. There has been a lot of hate towards Lebron after his infamous “I’m taking my talents to Miami” speech where he said the Heat will win 1,2,3,4,5 titles so everyone has high expectations for the power foward. So far the Heat has proved that they are “finals” worthy when they sent the Celtics back to Boston in Game 7 to win the Eastern Conference.

The Thunder has also proved that their spot in the finals is well deserved, in what seemed to spell the end for Durant and his team losing their first 2 games of their West Conference Finals game vs. Spurs but did a complete turn around after sending the Spurs packing, winning four games straight. They’ve also defeated 3 championship teams in their quest to the finals, the Mavericks, Lakers & now the Spurs, an incredible fete for a young team.

Game 1 airs tonight on ABC at 9PM. Check your local listings.


The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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