Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama Applies For Foodstamps!!!!


While Chris Bosh continues to “ball” both literally and financially, the lawyer for his baby momma Allison Mathis claims she has applied for food stamps and is about to lose her house.

Orlando family law attorney Jane E. Careyis making some shocking claims on behalf of her client, Allison Mathis (Chris Bosh’ baby momma).  She said that Allison was laid off from her gig as a secretary and has applied for federal food assistance.  Meanwhile, her home is in foreclosure.  And while Chris gives her $2,600 a month in child support, he won’t offer he anymore assistance.And what about him wanting to take hisdaughter to the Summer Olympics?

“He wants to take his daughter across the world for a photo op,” said Jane. “It’s just for a photo op. He doesn’t care. He hasn’t been decent to my client and his daughter.”

Based on Chris’ current salary of $18M, Allison should be getting about $30,000-a-month in child support.  Jane is now trying to get the figure adjusted.
“My client just lost her job and applied for food stamps for her and Mr. Bosh’s daughter. She’s about to be foreclosed on, he won’t help her and all he wants to do is go to London with his daughter. Are kidding?”

So far….Chris has not responded to the claims.

Source: The YBF


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