Jennifer Williams is running from “The Repo Man”!!!!


According to sources at The Urban Daily Your girl Jennifer Williams of “BasketBall Wives” is hiding he Bentley ….

Ex-Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams has hit a rough patch. Her prized Bentley is on the verge of repossession.
The Toyota Motor Credit Corporation filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Williams in Syosset, New York. They claim Williams stopped making payments on her white 2006 Bentley in 2009. Obviously, Toyota wants their car returned to them. in the court papers, Toyota says they tried plenty of times to repossess the vehicle without incident. Those attempts proved futile and Toyota now wants the courts to force Jennifer to hand over the keys to her whip. Besides taking the car from Williams, Toyota is also demanding Jennifer fork over the balance she defaulted on which totals $92,310.


The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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