“Love & HipHop Atlanta” with @FluffyDaBody1 #LHHATL


School is in session, but class can’t be taught!

Well it looks like Mona Scott-Young has done it again with “Love & Hip Hop ATL”. Yes, the ghetto ratchetness is back nationwide for all to see. And while I’ll save my opinions of Stevie J for another blog entry, let’s talk about class. Yes, these shows are ratchet as fuck! Yes, we were all tuned in shaking our heads at every scene! And yes, we were all outraged at the pure disrespect of Jocelyn’s hairline! But we are not in front of a camera!
What I’m saying is school is in session, but clearly class can’t be taught! The other night my girlfriend said on Facebook; “it kills me when people say it makes “us” look bad! No it doesn’t! Because “I” don’t act like that! They make themselves look bad! Not “us”!”. If you go around in your daily life acting like these ratchet ass broads then you have no class! According to American Heritage, class means “a division based on quality, rank or grade”. Let me “Fluffy paraphrase” this for you.. Basically it means carrying yourself with respect, shutting the fuck up and knowing when to have several seats. (As Mama D said “in that order”!) What happened to the concept that a lady is seen and not heard?!? Classless acts to get attention should cause one to self evaluate. While we all watch these reality shows on tv, their reality doesn’t have to be your reality!


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