Irrelevants…aka non-muthaf***ing factors!! By @FluffyDaBody1


According to Webster’s dictionary the term irrelevant means ” not relevant, inapplicable” . Let me “Fluffy Paraphrase” this for you…it means a non factor, something that doesn’t matter, has the value of nothing. Earlier this week, I had a conversation with my sister about haters. I don’t believe in the word haters. (In fact I need to write my congressman about that word too…but I digress) By giving the “thing” a name, noun or adjective you are acknowledging their existence! I don’t acknowledge the mere birth existence of those who are irrelevant in my life..WHY?!! Because if a person, (place or object) isn’t adding value to your life, why make them applicable. I’m not going to spend unnecessary energy on something that doesn’t warrant a positive return. Life is too short to waste time worrying about irrelevant, non applicable’s and non factors. The time wasted to even acknowledge them is wasted. A negative return equals zero in return. While if you focus on a positive return it could lead to getting a high school diploma, college degree or starting a business. When I was younger, I remember riding in a taxi with my daddy and a man I called my uncle. They got into an argument and after a heated exchange my father put the man out of the cab. My daddy turned to me and taught me a valuable life lesson. He looked me in my eyes and said “love those who love you…those who don’t, fuck them and feed them shit. The are dead, they don’t exist”. And while some may consider his parenting words harsh to a 7 year old kid, I don’t. Essentially he was telling me.. Save time to love those who love you back, those who bring bullshit get them out of your life, they don’t matter. Time is one thing you can never get back. So why waste it acknowledging those who don’t matter.

“Stay focused, keep crossing off goals and ALWAYS keep your head held high.” SLC



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