NEW ARTIST Spotlight!!!! T.R.E ( @TakeovergangTre )


Richmond has really been on a whole new level lately, and that’s exactly what I thought when I was sent some music from Top Hat Entertainment executive Raushaad Harvey (You will hear this name a lot soon)…Needless to say I was proud while listening to the tracks and by no means is T.R.E new to this industry. While on his OFFICIAL WEBSITE, I was tripping when I learned he was actually signed in 2006 to  a major label! Check the deets!!

On August 26, 1992 T.R.E. was born in the Northside of Richmond, VA. He grew up in a small home full of love. Since he was a small child you could see something special in him. From his father he gained an interest in music and at the age of 7 T.R.E. noticed he had a way with words. He noticed that his words would rhyme so he began to write more and more. Not long after, T.R.E. started to perform in local talent shows and freestyle battling in his middle school’s bathroom.  From stage to school, T.R.E. was spitting 16’s. T.R.E. had a deal with Warner Brothers Records in 2006, but left to finish high school and further perfect his craft.  Being raised around the streets showed him a lot and made him realize he was truly blessed. T.R.E. got to experience things that many teens his age would not have. From those experiences, T.R.E. knew that God had a special plan for him to be a blessing to others. By taking personal Real Life situations and putting them into songs. You will usually see him with his group the Take Over Gang (TKO). T.R.E hopes to motivate and inspire others through his music.

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