Tameka Raymond to use Usher’s stalker against him in custody case!!!!

Source: TMZ!!


Usher — Ex Plans to Use Stalker Against Him in Custody Battle Usher’s alleged stalker is still causing him problems even after she’s been hospitalized … because his ex-wife plans on bringing her up in court to prove his kids are not safe with him … TMZ has learned. Usher and Tameka Raymond have engaged in a lengthy custody battle in court that is set to resume next month. Tameka has previously cited everything from Usher’s tour schedule to alleged drug use as to why she believes her ex should not have custody of their kids.Now, we’re told Tameka will use this latest incident with Usher’s alleged stalker, Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, to fuel her case. Our sources say the kids were with Usher during one of the alleged incidents when Jones-Rakestraw showed up at his home.According to our sources, Tameka is scared for her kids’ safety since Jones-Rakestraw was able to get all the way to Usher’s home … even though he lives in a gated community and has a security team. When the trial resumes in August, we’re told Tameka hopes this latest incident sways the court her way. Calls to Tameka and Usher’s reps have not been returned.


The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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