Rihanna’s Dad: “Rihanna and Chris Brown needs to get back together!”



Rihanna’s dad is on something…its a new drug called “Bullshit”… He defended Chris Brown’s attack on his daughter…in fact he feels.they should be back together …

Fans aren’t the only ones wishing that Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together. Rihanna’s father wants his daughter to give Chris another chance, according to Celebuzz.com.

During an interview with Britain’s Grazia magazine, Ronald Fenty says that he believes that Chris has matured since the 2009 incident in which he left Rihanna with obvious bruises to her face. He goes on to even describe the two singers as the “perfect couple.”

“Everyone is entitled to make a mistake,” said Ronald. “Her fans are hoping it will happen. They see them as a perfect couple.”

The former couple has already collaborated on two songs together this year and Chris offered his heartfelt condolences to Rihanna via Twitter after hearing about her grandmother’s passing.

“Praying for family and the lost loved one. She was like my grandmother. Love you GRAN GRAN! RIP,” Chris tweeted on Sunday.

However, right now Ri-Ri seems to be more concerned with her finances than her love life. According to The LA Times the singer is suing her former accountants who she believes are responsible for her loss of tens of millions of dollars, shoddy bookkeeping, and bad expense advising.

Welppppp…What’s your opinions on this….



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