See what Shaunie O’neal has to say about Chad & Evelyn’s MAJOR publicity stunt…



VH1 had a chance to speak with Shaunie Oneal of Basketball Wives and here is her take on the wedding….

“There’s so much love in the air, it’s so much fun. I don’t even care if I don’t sleep!” O’Neal said before confessing that she had been boozing on and off throughout the day. “Basketball Wives has taught me a few things; I didn’t really drink before that show.” In good spirits and fresh off the plane from the wedding in (spoiler alert!) St. Maarten, Shaunie proudly announced “She’s a Johnson!” and was thrilled that Ev and Ocho finally tied the knot in a July 4th ceremony. After teasing Evelyn’s beau about dressing himself for the occasion, Shaunie issued a round-about apology by emphasizing how incredible Chad looked. “When he came down [the aisle], that boy was sharp! I’ve been talking about his outfit ever since I left. He look so good!” According to Shaunie, the navy blue “rich looking suit” was “tailored perfectly,” and his shoes were equally impressive: “They went with that suit and that wedding.” But who cares about Chad, right? We wanted to know about the bride!

Including her white wedding dress, Shaunie confirmed that Evelyn underwent three outfit changes throughout the night, one of which was a “hot” catsuit ensemble. “She looked so pretty, and everything was so beautiful. From beginning to end, we just had a ball!” And she wasn’t kidding. Since Evelyn was “busy taking pictures and hosting” early on, her gal pals made sure that she caught up with “way too many shots” once the time was right later in the evening (which we knew about from Chad’s live-tweets from the night). Absent from those festivities, however, was Tami Roman, another cast-member invited to the wedding who didn’t attend. “I don’t want to speak for anybody,” said Shaunie with the utmost apprehension. “Tami was invited, but I don’t know. It was far… St. Maarten is a trek.” Besides O’Neal, Suzie Ketcham was the only other Basketball Wives star present.

Shifting the conversation, Shaunie told VH1 News’ Janell Snowden that, should any coital wedding consummation activities result in a pregnancy (“You know Evelyn got it in,” she said), Evelyn and Chad have agreed to Shaunie being the child’s godmother. “She doesn’t want kids anymore, but Chad does,” she explained. “He tried to trick me and say she that was pregnant, but she was like ‘No, I’m not,’ and I said ‘Can I be the godmother’ and they said ‘Yes.’”

I’m sure I’m not the only person wondering why Tami didn’t attend.


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