Bobbi Kristina reveals how much she loves “Nick Gordon” on Twitter!!!


    It’s been 5 months since the late, great Whitney Houston passed away…and following her death her daughter has been very quiet on her love for her adoptive brother, Nick Gordon…until now…

Krissy started back tweeting recently and clearly was holding in some mushy thoughts.  She wants everyone to know she has taken on the responsibility of carrying n her mother, Whitney’s, legacy and she and Nick Gordon are in this together.  Here’s a few of her recent tweets.
@nickdgordon I loveyoumore my darling. So much is an understatement.. Man, baby what we wouldn’t give for just a second right? WELOVEUMOM!

I just want to thank you ALL for your support & love on my debut tv show #ForBetterOrWorse ! Every Friday on TBS 9 pm ! Loveuallthnkuagain!

All of Urlove is phenomenal . thankUAllagain. WeTRULYappreciate it . @ndgordon ;; I love&missUmommy .. Everystep I have u in mind;; #always.

@nickdgordon (:thankUboo! You know your opinion means thee most to me.. Loveyoumuchjoint (: I wouldn’t be where I am today without you #FACT

” All this mommy.. We do for us.” We love you. @ndgordon #themusketeers #MYFAMILY never forget the moments we had&1’s we’ll make again1day

The legacy continues with me . @ndgordon #letsdothisbigjoint! Xxo

Relaxing with MY @ndgordon. Who I love so very much. Lol #ournightsaretheebest. We have fun just being us:) thnks4lovingme4me. AsIDoU!#alwys

Interesting.  What do you think about this relationship???



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