Kat Stacks DEPORTED!!!!


I must have been under a rock because I was reading one of my favorite sources this morning, www.24hourhiphop.com , and here is what they had to say!!!

Johnyelsi Cardenas, mother of Andrea Herrera  bka “Kat Stacks,” the infamous hip-hop model/groupie, sent out a heart wrenching letter surrounding the details of her daughter getting deported after being in a Louisiana jail for two years. Cardenas says that “Andrea is a victim of underage sex Trafficking & Domestic Violence,” and detailed her life story of being solicited by a pimp at the young age of 14 and then falling into a hard life of drugs and abuse for several years. Throughout the letter, Cardenas expressed her concern for Kat’s well-being if she gets deported back to Venezuela, saying that the conditions are so bad that she wouldn’t imagine letting her daughter live there. “Venezuela killing 20 to 30 people a day, kidnap 100 to 200 people a day, products such as pricipales milk, chicken, sugar. toilet paper, diapers etc. supermarkets spend 1 or 2 weeks without them. The electricity is removed by 4 or 8 hours daily.” Cardenas said that the judge waited until July 2nd to reach a decision in Kat’s case, where he admitted that “Andrea is a Victim of Underage Sex Trafficking  & Domestic Violence. He agreed with what the social worker  Melinda Flynn explained . But *Kat Stacks*  that  was not good for American society.” At the end of the letter Cardenas pleads with listeners for help, saying “THIS IS AN INJUSTICE.   I REQUEST JUSTICE FOR ANDREA HERRERA. PLEASE HELP ME TO DO JUSTICE  MY DAUGHTER DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE.”


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