#TeamStevieJ with @FluffyDaBody1 #LHHATL


While I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this.. I’m completely in support of TeamstevieJ! And before my ladies get all in an uproar.. Let me break some things down. Yes, he had on a sweater vest with no got damn shirt on! Yes, he’s about 5’1″ tall! And hell yes he looks like a human beaver, but I love him!! See Stevie is the perfect example of what the fuck we should stay away from! Why are people mad at him when he does exactly what he’s ALLOWED to do?! Mimi knew about Joseline and she still kept kicking it with him. She said Joseline was acting like the main chick…PAUSE! *_* Main chick??? Oh, so your aware that he has had women on the side and your ok with that as long as you were the main chick?! So you don’t demand respect and that your his ONLY girl and now he’s the bad guy because he’s doing what you let him do?! Joseline let him DROP her off at the abortion clinic but was ok with that because he made her breakfast!?! No repercussions, no cutting him completely off?! And the next day your dancing for him?? *_*. So I’m asking, why are we mad at Stevie J?!! The chicks are fighting, yelling and throwing drinks; while the WHOLE time he never loses his cool. Mimi was yelling at him getting her blood pressure all worked up while he strolled down the driveway in his sweater vest. Yes, this relationship is dysfunctional (and we have ALL been there) but why are we mad at him when THEY are still there! I say hats off to Stevie.. Do you! If your going to be allowed to do what the fuck you want, when the fuck you want, while its tolerated… Keep doing it. As women, we have to state the rules of engagement up front. If that particular man does not want a relationship on the same terms as you do, we keep it moving.

Fluffy Note: We’ve all been played, it’s how we chose to move on and sweep up the pieces that defines us.

Xoxo’s Fluffy


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