The Jackson’s could have gotten away…If it wasn’t for those meddling kids!!!


Are the kids revealing an alleged plot to get MJ’s money, or was Michael Jackson a better father than most people would like to believe? A good parent teaches their kids right from wrong. A good parent equips their child with the weapons to ward off the evils of the world – even if it comes from their own family. 

Because in the middle of a search for her grandmother, who until this morning hadn’t been seen in 10 days, Paris is still able to appreciate the small things. 

“Blanket’s voice when he’s just waking up ––––– funniest/cutest thing i’ve ever heard lmao” she tweeted. 

Then there’s Prince Michael, who remained quiet before exposing his family’s lies even more by posting an intra-family tweet on his account. 

Source: Global Grind
   This honestly comes as no surprise to me, When Michael was alive, everyone seemed so loving towards him and his children, when he died…Even Diana Ross wanted no parts of his children. Now the entire Jackson family is bitter because of Jackson’s will. GTFU people!!!

The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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