Katherine Jackson is PISSED!!!!


Katherine Jackson had no idea Randy planned a failed coup of Michael Jackson’s estate while she was away for nine days.

The “vacation” ultimately jeopardized Mama Jackson’s guardianship of Paris, Prince and Blanket, and now she’s furious!

“Katherine was completely unaware that Randy had orchestrated his siblings signing a letter sent to the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate demanding their immediate resignation.

“Now that Katherine has been home for a few days, she recognizes that Randy was the one that planned this, and she is absolutely furious for him doing so,” a source told RadarOnline.

They also cite that Katherine never had a stroke, and while she’s angry at the failed planned takeover of Michael Jackson’s estate, she would never come out publicly against her kids.

It looks like the family is listening to LaToya’s bid for privacy and trying to keep a few things internal for a change. The source continues:

“Katherine is extremely upset and disappointed in Randy’s actions that have brought so much unwanted chaos into all of their lives,” the source added. Saying the Mama Jackson, “specifically told Randy that if he wants to pursue this ridiculous claim that Michael’s will is fake, to remain quiet about it. If Randy does find evidence, which Katherine knows is very unlikely to happen, to take it to court and not play it out the in press.”

This whole thing has been a series of unfortunate events and an extremely embarrassing black eye for the Jackson family. Let’s hope they can settle their differences and get back to loving one another!

SOURCE: RadarOnline and GlobalGrind


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