Raymond Vs. Raymond: The Custody Battle


I see your favorite newest celebrity blogger Renzo did one hell of a story on the “Raymond Vs. Raymond” custody battle!! Check out the details below and remember, everyday, as soon as you leave TheRVAlien.com, head over to UntwistedBeats.net…

According to court documents, a nanny testified that, during a trip to California to deliver the children to their father, the nanny stayed overnight in a hotel, and was not given a phone number to contact Raymond — a violation of the 2009 agreement.

Foster-Raymond testified in court that, in another instance, she did not know the children were in California until she saw “red carpet” photos of the boys with their father.

Judge Tipton-Lane noted that Foster-Raymond “graciously relaxed” the visitation schedule to accommodate Raymond’s work schedule so he could see his sons.

The judge ordered Mr. Raymond to reopen a Saks Fifth Avenue card that he closed last year, in violation of the 2009 agreement. According to court documents, Judge Tipton Lane found that Mr. Raymond did not offer any evidence that Foster-Raymond abused the card or failed to make payments on the card.

Foster-Raymond complained that the card was vital to her business as a celebrity stylist. The Saks card is by invitation-only to privileged customers who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in Saks stores annually.

The court also ordered Raymond to pay $1,300 in reimbursements to one of Foster-Raymond’s nannies. Foster-Raymond had asked for $34,000 in reimbursements for nanny costs.

The judge did not release a ruling on the child custody aspect of the case. That decision is expected later today. Mr. Raymond is seeking full custody of his 2 sons, citing Foster-Raymond’s mental instability.


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