3 signs that Love & Hiphop:Atlanta #LHHATL is STAGED!!!!


Ok so maybe I pay too much attention to some things, but fuck it, shoot me. Today I was looking at the final episode leading to the reunion and was in shock! I found three pieces of KEY evidence that this show is 100% staged.

1. Scene has K.Michelle and Rasheeda meeting to discuss some deep issues, K.Michelle goes H1N1(Hamm) on Rasheeda, she begins to foam at the mouth and spit begins to fly everywhere when her voice reaches its peak, K.Michelle then gets up and walks out on Rasheeda. the camera turns back to Rasheeda for her reaction and this is where you look at the middle chair…Notice anything? Yup, Both purses are still sitting in the chair, what does this mean??? It means, as soon as they said “CUT” she went back to hug and laugh and chat with her “Partner in Ratings” Rasheeda!!!

2. Scene has Lil Scrappy sitting in the studio, he seems somewhat surprised when Buckey aka Shay Johnson walks into the studio, but he decides this is a great time to break up with her. Now play close attention, both of them have lip glitter all over their mouths, this indicates that both parties had just finished kissing “before” Shay “re-walked” into the studio for taping!!

3. Karlie Redd is walking in front of the studio, a light skinned gorilla named Benzino “just happens” to see her, even though this is highly unlikely, she ends her phone call (what female would actually do that for a gorilla?) and they fall in love at first fuck, and she gets a key… Sorry, I’m not buying this bullshit Mona Scott is selling!!!





One thought on “3 signs that Love & Hiphop:Atlanta #LHHATL is STAGED!!!!

  1. Im
    I’m with you on this lol nothing real about this show that’s why I don’t watch ratchet Monday. I don’t participate in watching these shows when they come on lol il watch them mayb days or a week later

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