TheRVAlien Introduces Fou’Dre’!!! @FOUDREVodka


Over the last week I have been given some samples of a beverage that goes by the name “Fou-dre”, and let me first say…”This is one sexy drink!!” Everything from the bottle to the name and the taste. Usually I’m not big on Vodka simply because rarely do you find one that uniquely seperates it from every other Vodka. But man…Fou-Dre’ sets the tone of what Ciroc should be!!!! Smooth…Sexy…and at the moment…EXCLUSIVE!!!

When I was asked to sample it and give my HONEST opnion, I must admit I hesitated simply because “Never have I been a Vodka man.” I’m now proud to now say that I am a “Vodka Man”…Well, let me correct that… “I am a Fou-Dre’ man”…

I have just been told that I’m not the only person loving Fou-dre’… is also taken away by it!! Make sure you go check out his blog and add it to your favorites NOW!

@FOUDREVodka is premiering during “Fashion Week” in New York City and word has it lots of A-List names are expected to attend.I know right now you’re probably wondering who created it?? Fou-Dre’ was created by Chanel Turner, at only 28 years old she is building a brand that will be in a class completely by itself when it comes to taste, sex appeal and quality. Yesterday evening I was sent 6 bottles of Fou-Dre’ , I was super excited…and then I realized that it was only because @NecosCupcakeBar was asked to created the signature “Fou-Dre’ Cupcake”…and man did she create a masterpiece!!!

Readers…I want some feedback on the “Fou-Dre'” bottle…leave a comment below…

Promotors wanting information on Fou-Dre’…Please email dbrad2@gmail.comImage




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