Kanye and Kim K.’s SEX TAPE!!!!!!

It seem as if Ray J is now old news, and KanSleezy is now in the spotlight! A sex tape of him and his attention whore of a girlfriend, Kim K., is currently being shopped around. RadarOnline captured the screen grab and reports the tape is way hotter than Kim and Ray J’s. In the only released screen shot of the flick, we see a shirtless Kanye adjusting the camera to film himself about to, well, have sex of course!

The tape is nearly 20 minutes long and features the woman stating she’s over 18 years old (smart move!), as well as this interesting tidbit:

“My husband and I don’t have sex anymore… that’s why I’m here!”

Kanye and the Kim look-alike reportedly never kiss during the session, and Yeezy does wear a condom while putting the woman in multiple positions. Steamy indeed!

A porn insider tells the gossip site:

“The sex tape is being shopped right now and there’s a lot of interest, but Kanye is freaking out!” the insider revealed.

“He doesn’t want this tape out and will do anything to make sure it stays private. If this were to hit the market it would be worth a fortune… there would definitely be a lot of people wanting to see this!

“In my expert opinion Kanye’s performance far outweighs Kim’s!”

It seems like Kanye will be the new face of bedroom entertainment!
Source: RadarOnline, Global Grind

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