These are my confessions: CHRIS BROWN!!!!

ImageImageOk, so after coming to the conclusion that this was actually the industry’s WORST KEPT SECRET, I cant help but be drawn to this story! It seems to me that when people think of the Chris Brown & Rihanna reconciliation, that ass whooping he gave her back in 2009 doesn’t even cross our minds anymore…its almost like we actually WANT to see them back together, I on the other hand, could care less, I mean if these two actually love each other, “Who are We to judge?”…Life is short. Well Chris Brown has released a statement, documentary style…I can’t help but wonder if there’s a reality show in the works…But again, Who am I to judge???

I’m a little drunk so I’m gonna be honest. See, y’all don’t really get the real Chris Brown but I’m gonna be honest. I’m stressed out. It’s not about the music cause I love my fans. It’s just, when you share history with somebody, and then you tend to fall in love with somebody else, it’s kind of difficult.

Is there such thing as loving two people?  I don’t know if that’s possible but for me, I feel like that. Y’all probably like, ‘What the f-ck is he talking about right now’ but I am being real. I don’t want to hurt either or.  I’m not trying to be a player, or a dog, not none of that. My mother raised me differently, so I just can’t. I don’t know man, a n-gga be stressing. That’s what n-ggas do.

The life of Chris Brown



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