Stevie J and Joseline RELEASE statements in regards to Stevie J and Lil’ Wayne kissing….

ImageSomeone PLEASE explain to me why Joseline (Jose’-Lying) feels the need to say that Steebie J wouldn’t kiss a man, Ummm Isn’t he kissing her/him/it??? Numerous sources from Miami at Club LIV are confirming that it was in fact Stevie J!! Well They hit up “The Breakfast Club” to give their side on what did or didn’t happen…


First of all, who does that? Second of all, my man doesn’t play those type of game. With Lil Wayne? Who does that. They don’t even talk. They don’t even know each other outside of the videos. Where is all this hate coming from?

Wayne been kissing dudes for a long time. Since I was 15 years old, I’ve seen Wayne kissing dudes but what does Wayne has to do with my man?

Stevie J: I’m in Los Angeles man. I’ve been in the studio getting that bread. I’m working on this Rihanna and Mariah project. I’m a legendary producer. I leave that guys kissing to the other guys.




The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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