Keyshia Cole Sex Tape?? And Kanye smashed?!?!


According to BHR Hollywood Reports :

Keshia Cole Has A Sex Tape!!!! Wow

BHR HollyWood Reports  Cole is rumored to have a sex tape that could possibly be leaked soon by a anonymous music producer.

According to Diary Of A Hollywood Street King, a sex-tape of the ‘Heaven Sent’ singer involved in a threesome will be released by one of the participants.

“Keyshia is a psycho b**ch when it comes to a man,” a source told the site as for the reason why was being leaked.

“Keyshia f**ked off her career, she should have stuck with Kanye. Kanye could of made her a star, but he couldn’t f**k with her,” they added.

“She has the nastiest attitude in the business.”

The alleged sex tape features the ‘Love’ singer involved in a sexual romp with a woman and a known music producer.

This is explosive….I’ll wait to see how she responds to the parties involved on twitter!!


5 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Sex Tape?? And Kanye smashed?!?!

  1. Keyshia Cole Is Not Like That You People Sound Dumb. Somebody Always Wants To Ruin A Persons Reputation. I Hate People Like That, Keyshia Cole Is A Smart Intelligent Beautiful Black Women And You Think She Would Do Something Like That To Ruin It.

    # Just Saying … She A Human Being Just Like You She Just Famous… That’s All.
    From The #1 Fan Of Keyshia Cole.

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