The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Episode 2 Recap)

As much as I hate to admit, I live for the housewives of Atlanta. The first episode of the season was great, the second episode is what I want to talk about though. The episode opens with Nene Leakes arriving in LA for a parade, she asked her son Brent how he felt about moving to LA, and I can only hope she doesn’t do it considering RHOA is her platform. And I honestly think she needs it. Then the fakery begins…. Kenya, Kandi and Phaedra decide to have lunch together and Paedra who’s clearly not a fan of Kenya insist on telling Kenya how she admires her, even though her confessional said otherwise. FYI: I really can’t stand Kenya and her personality that’s based completely on her weird sense of entitlement. The more I look at this show I cat help but notice how racist Kim is since dating and being married to Kroy…ohhhh and how much this chick lies…ohhhhhhhhh and how Sweetie is trying so hard to be pretty even though she looks like Bernie Mac with lipstick. But was I the only person wondering how all of a sudden Kim is too good to live in her townhouse?….well I think the real reason is because Big Poppa paid for it and it would be somewhat disrespectful for Kroy to live in a house that Kim’s Big Poppa paid for. But surely I’m not the only one that came to this conclusion. Then we got to Kenya’s scene with her aunt…let’s remember folks…she’s an actress, a low budget one at that…but she’s still an actress and I can almost bet you that most of her crying scenes are scripted. (Real quick…off topic…Did anyone else notice the lump on the right side of Lawrence’s neck and how sickly he is starting to look? I need some info on this, something ain’t right!) Also WTF is up with Nene taking a page from Jackie (Basketball Wives:LA) and kissing everybody’s ass this season??? And it also seems like Cynthia is trying her hardest to bring some drama this season, even though I feel like she should have been fired and Sheree should have been kept…but oh well…



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