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Wow!!! The Samsung Galaxy S 4 (Video)…The OFFICIAL iPhone Killer!!!!

FBI receives EVIDENCE that Whitney Houston was MURDERED!!!!


According to Radar Online

Whitney Houston was murdered and new evidence – caught on video – proves it, says a top Hollywood private investigator who is turning all of his material over to the FBI, according to a new report.
Paul Huebl also says the superstar singer’s killers are caught on tape. “I have evidence that points to Whitney being a victim of a high powered drug dealers who sent thugs to collect a huge debt she owed for drugs,” Huebl says in the new issue of the National Enquirer, which broke the story.
Using a network of drug informants and taking another look at the coroner’s report, the PI has pieced together evidence that he’s turning over to the Chicago field office of the FBI, hoping a fresh look from the outside will bring the truth to light.
Huebl points to two unknown men who kept showing up at the Beverly Hills Hilton, where Houston was staying, and blending in with her group of hangers on.
The day before her death Whitney received a cocaine delivery but was later heard to say, “I’m tired of this sh*t.” The PI says she was referring to being tired of harassed to pay her drug debt, which had reached $1.5 million.
On the day she died, Whitney was left alone in her hotel room for 45 minutes and that’s when one or both of the killers slipped into her room and were captured on surveillance video.
As for the coroner’s report that says no foul play was involved in Whitney’s death, the investigator, who has reviewed it thoroughly, strongly disagrees.
“Whitney’s body shows classic defense wounds that would have occurred while she was battling for her life,” he told the Enquirer.
Huebl details those injuries and the evidence he says points to a struggle occurring during the last minutes of the singing superstar’s life in her hotel room and bathroom.
All of the details are in the new issue of the Enquirer, which hits newsstands Thursday.

Merry Christmas RVAliens!!!!


VIDEO of Kenya Moore becoming Miss USA in 1993….

#RHOA Kim Zolciak releases OFFICIAL statement about leaving RHOA!!!!

Going to Anguilla would have been the trip of a lifetime, but under DOCTOR’S ORDERS I was unable to travel. Traveling 32 weeks pregnant is such a scary risk and for the women to think that I was willing to take that risk FOR THEM is absurd, especially since I don’t consider them my friends. Traveling to Anguilla isn’t an easy-breezy trip. I’d have to get on the plane to St.Marten, THEN take a boat to Anguilla. It just wasn’t going to happen. PERIOD. My health is more important than arguing and bickering with people. These women can’t get along in Atlanta, and you expect me to believe they are going to another country and it’s going to be Hakuna-Matata? You know there are going to be fights on that trip. I made no mistakes by staying home.



When the ladies said I gave them dates that I was able to travel, I had no clue where they got those dates from. It honestly looked like a set up. It was a no-brainer that an 8 month pregnant woman can NOT leave the country. When I said my family and I were going to Lake Oconee for a family tripKandi asked why I can go on a trip with my family and not with them.  Let me tell you, Lake Oconee is one hour away from my home and in the state of Georgia!  And then NeNe saying I stuffed a pillow in my dress…are you serious?! Mocking me about my blood pressure, my wig, etc, I didn’t find funny either. I had baby Kash August 15th, which was 5 weeks after that brunch! Phaedra stating, “I don’t have time for my friends?” Well, I don’t and these women are NOT my friends. The only person I considered my true friend was Kandi throughout the years.


What I find so hilarious is NeNe calling me a liar! NeNe, tell me one thing I have EVER lied about? I would love to hear that! NeNe is very strategic in all she does and has never done something without a motive in all the years that I have known her.

NeNe also says I always leave early. Honestly, these women are on their own time! Prime example: NeNe’s event that I took the high road and attended started at 6pm and was set to end at 8pm. I showed up at 6:30 and waited until 8:30 when I HAD to leave. I have a nanny at home and when I say I will be home at 9pm, I WILL be home at 9pm. I cannot continue to expect my nanny to stay hours and hours beyond what I asked. My priority was my 1-year-old at home. Like I said at the brunch, having a 1-year-old at home is far different then having a 10, 12, or 14-year-old at home.

I was sitting there listening to them attack me, and I feel like I had an “aha moment” — I have an amazing life with a great husband and awesome kids, why am I sitting here being attacked when I could be home being loved by my family. So I got up and left. When I got to the car and my husband saw me so upset, he knew at that moment I had enough! It was no longer worth it to me and my unborn son to be in a constant state of turmoil. 

Bravo and RHOA have been beyond good to me, and I will be forever grateful for some of the moments that occurred on the show, but I couldn’t deal anymore. I handled my sh– for five seasons, from fights, to arguments  to the tears, but being pregnant puts a whole new spin on everything, and what happens on the outside affects what happens with the baby on the inside, and that was my priority!


I called it quits for this season, and I don’t regret it at all. So no, I clearly wasn’t fired, you can hear me say “I’m done.” But I won’t be gone too long, my OWN spinoff premieres in the spring. Who the hell gets fired and then receives a promotion? Nobody! But hell, if I got fired from RHOA and got my own spinoff, can you imagine if I got fired from my spinoff… I might end up in Andy Cohen’s seat.


Ask. Believe. Receive. 
Kim Biermann


Well, there you have it…more fucking lies!!!!




Mariah Carey TRIES to hide her NEW baby bump!!!!


Ne-Yo plays Santa Clause for Atlanta kids!!!!


It seems someone is being very generous lately, “Who?” You ask. Ne-Yo…

R&B recording artist Ne-Yo is turning out to be quite a good neighbor! Having recently bought homes in Atlanta, the star bought smiles to hundreds of Atlanta children yesterday, Dec 20, at a Boys & Girls Club. Ne-Yo showed up, with daughter in hand, to give away toys, clothing, electronics and bicycles.

The toys were given as part of Ne-Yo’s annual Compound Foundation Giving Tour. Organizations around the city supplied the items: Coca Cola, Creative Recreation, Ubisoft, Toys for Tots, and Carol’s Daughter.

Earlier in the year, Ne-Yo showed out, gifting a $1 million studio, built inside an Atlanta group home, to inspire young people through music.

Ne-Yo says it’s all about doing for others what his Mom did for him. “Kids are being counted out before they even get a chance to fight. Circumstance of where you come from has nothing to do with who you are.”

Source: Trusted Source
Photos: Dream Photography

WHAT!!! You won’t BELIEVE what Rihanna just did!!!!


This news will probably excite the legion of Rihanna fans worldwide. She has finally dumped Chris Brown once and for all.

This is according to, which wrote:

“Chris did something with some other chick in another country and this set Rihanna off. Not to mention, CB is supposedly dating his ex or whatever she is. I guess jump off is the word.”

The hip hop publication also link a recent Instagram message RiRi sent out to her feelings about Brown allegedly going back to his ex-girlfriend, Karreuche Tran, in Paris after Rihanna and Chris Brown had hooked up during her European concert and seemed to be a couple again. Immediately after Brown was photographed in France with other Tran and other women, Rihanna fired off a series of missiles on Twitter that most people decipher was her disappointment with Brown. This Instagram message is but the latest.




You wont BELIEVE how Tamar Braxton RESPONDS to Joseline Hernandez!!!!