The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Recap)


Ok, soooooo Kim Zolciak has really started getting on my fucking nerves, so now all of a sudden your “Dream House” is a “Shit Hole”??? FOH…and this plastic chick actually treats her parents like pure ass!! Kim clearly has forgotten where she came from. Now on to Phaedra, I live for this chick…but I would have loved her more if she had just checked Cynthia’s ass last week with “Yes, Bitch I did say I don’t give a fuck whether you came or not, and what?!?!” But last night, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at the interaction between Apollo and Kenya!!! That was the funniest shit ever. But I think I was only one that caught Kenya’s shade she threw at Phaedra while go-kart riding, she yelled back “I must win!” I wonder if she was talking about Apollo… Next we have NeNe and Greg (the never divorced couple) joining Cynthia and Peter…let me first say, I don’t like Cynthia and even today I feel Sheree should have been kept on the show and Cynthia should have been fired. But noooooo, Bravo now has Sheree singing “Who’s gon cut me a check boo?” Oh…Back to Nene…She is so sexy, something about the blonde, but anyway….She seems a lot happier with Greg back in the picture, word in the blogosphere, Greg’s new girl has been spending a lot of time with Mrs. Leakes, according to ATLien (Michelle Brown) but anyway, back to last nights show…the new chick , what’s her name…Portia …I don’t think I’m spelling her name right…well whatever, she’s new so it’s not like she’s important. I won’t even discuss, has anyone else notice that Kandi pretty much refuses to have any scenes with Kim anymore….but I loved Kandi’s “IDGAF” face the whole time she was having lunch with Cynthia… But anyway, nothing “life saving” happened last night, except the fact that its the last time we will see Kim and her family!!!! You see how God works, ask and you shall receive, You’re the weakest link, Goodbye….Now lets get Cynthia out…and replace her with Tameka Raymond (Usher’s ex-wife)!!!!

Another site spilled some good insight too… Check out out

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Kim Zolciak leaves RHOA tonight. But why did Kim Zolciak leave Real Housewives of Atlanta? It depends on who you ask. Was Kim Zolciak fired, did she leave to do her spinoff, or was it all about a trip’s cancellation? Fans are starting to wonder if the entire exit by Kim Zolciak from RHOA, and the accusations by NeNe, have been embellished by Bravo.

Weeks ago, LALATE broke news that Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes erupted into a twitter feud, almost perfectly timed, about Kim’s exit. Three issues came up in that feud. First, was Kim’s exit voluntarily or a firing. Second, did Kim leave RHOA for a spinoff show, or does the spinoff have nothing to do with her RHOA exit. And finally, were producers furious about Kim’s cancellation from the RHOA trip.

First, Leakes claims that producers designed the RHOA trip around Kim’s pregnancy. Tonight Kim tells RHOA fans “My priorities have changed … I want positivity around me. [The Atlanta women are] not happy for me. They’re not supportive.”

But is that a true statement by Kim? The cast is left speechless about the trip cancellation tonight. First Kim tells them she might go on the trip.

“Yah I’m gonna talk to my doctor. At 28 weeks, you can’t travel. But I would love to go because I went last year.” Suddenly, Kim changes and says she is definitely not going. “It is what it is. I have 8 weeks left in my pregnancy. So I definitely cannot go.”

Kim then confuses her story. She says that she is willing to go on a trip with her husband. “We are going for four days.” NeNe finds that shocking. “You can’t going on the girls’ trip?”

Second, Kim says she voluntarily left the show. Kim Zolciak will appear on WWHL tonight and is expected to tell the same side of the story that she has been giving for weeks. She asserts that she chose to voluntarily leave, in the middle of the season, from RHOA.

That just not true, claims NeNe Leaks. “None of the girls or producers wanted 2 work with her! Saving face like all the other ex housewives! U were FIRED! Good bye ”

Finally, Kim claims that she left RHOA for her spinoff. NeNe claims that also is false. NeNe claims the TV contract for the spinoff was inked months before Kim walked out of RHOA. NeNe claims that Kim didn’t leave RHOA for the spinoff. Leakes claimed that, once Kim left RHOA, Bravo still had to honor a previously existing contract for the spinoff. “U had an existing deal that the[y] honored … keep it 100[% real].”

The big question, however, is whether Andy Cohen will have NeNe Leakes call in during Kim’s appearance on WWHL tonight.



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