Usher’s CUSTODY Judge FORCED to RESIGN from case!!!!

I know that’s phucking right!!!!! My girl Michelle Brown of is spilling some scorching hot azz tea….Check it out!!!!!


Hold up… stop the presses!  It looks like Tameka Foster Raymond‘s prayers have been answered regarding her bitter custody battle with her superstar ex-husband Usher Raymond!


Judge Bensonetta Tipton-Lane, the Fulton County judge that ruled in Usher’s favor during Raymond’s bitter custody battle with his ex-wife Thas stepped down from the case.

This news comes amidst a ton of speculation and controversy regarding the fairness of her legal decision, and after an investigation was launched regarding alleged inappropriate activity between Usher’s counsel and the judge.

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Lisa West, the attorney for Tameka Raymond, reportedly filed another motion asking the judge to turn over some unspecified emails and her request caused a firestorm down at Fulton County.

Due to the details in the motion, Judge Lane unceremoniously recused herself from the Raymond vs. Raymond case and an order was issued containing the following directive:

Court administrator is hereby directed to reassign this case to ANOTHER JUDGE.

Do you know what that means?

That means, Tameka will finally get her day in court under a judge that (hopefully) isn’t financially connected in anyway to the legal counsel for her ex-husband.

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And from what I understand, all orders previously issued under Judge Lane, (ie the order for Usher to maintain “Primary custody”) will be re-tried under another judge.

I’m happy for Tameka. Hopefully she will get the legal recourse she seeks and the son’s of the couple can gain some type of stability.

Joint custody isn’t a bad thing… considering it’s what they had before USHER filed seeking sole custody.

Hopefully the two can finally manage to co-parent instead of battling each other.

Stay tuned…




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