Rejection…What it means….


This is to those females / males who just don’t take NO for an answer. You know, after you make it very clear you don’t want to be with them anymore, or that you aren’t interested at all YES those people. This is life, and in life not everyone is going to like you nor going to want to be with you , you just have to roll with the punches and keep moving on with your life until you find someone that is just as into you as you are to them. But nowadays people will do anything to keep people around …

Rejection isn’t anything new and you just are going to have to learn to deal with it. When its over, you have to be able to walk away with dignity, but some take it to a whole nother level though. Repeated text, tweets, emails, phone calls, face book messages, bbms, im’s, showing up randomly at the crib, ETC. You may not be cute enough, you just might not be that person’s type. So what, build a bridge and get the fuck over it. The earth will not stop revolving and your life will not come to a halt. Often people will go to desperate measures to keep the person they want around. This can range from trapping a man with a baby, to stalking a woman and trying to fight off anyone else that might be attracted to her. What you fail to realize is that you can not make someone love you nor want to be with you. If they want you, they want you. If they don’t they don’t and IT IS THAT SIMPLE. No extras needed. Stop with the thirst and desperation, you shouldn’t want someone that you have to beg to be with or you have to acquire with either manipulation or deception. Because then they are not truly wanting you for you, but what you have created (although some of you crazy bitches are fine with this) Learn to concentrate on what makes you happy, and find strength and confidence and content in yourself and your own life, others will be attracted to you, and when you least expect it, that special person will come into your life.





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