Why do black couples fight so damn much?!?!?


She slaps him across the face, He jabs her in the eye. Does this sound like an equal match?? Hell NO!! I’m not even talking about Chris andRihhanna or however you spell it. I’m just talking about the uneven distribution of power in black relationships. No two people on this earth, in my opinion have more pride than these two intrigugingspecies. Black women are taught to be outspoken and no nonsense, black men are taught to defend their pride, ego and manhood, at all cost and in all situations. This is a very dangerous combination. So who’s job is it to let up and just let things slide? Now, some of us know what it’s like to be cheated on or have suspected a cheating lover before. There isn’t a way to describe that anger, hurt and disgust, it’s awful; almost inhuman. The first thing you want to do is to kick, choke, slap and punch, and ask questions later. In most cases that is exactly what is done, and in a females case if she does that she is putting herself at risk of being cheated on and knocked the f*ck out, all in the same night..and that has to be the worst! I think that is some b.s. We men know our blows are in most cases stronger, and a females, “love taps” cant measure up to 200 lbs of force, fist and testosterone coming towards her mouth, nose, eyes and cheekbones. If anyone wants to comment, come with it. I’m an outspoken Black man, ready for whatever slick b.s. someone wants to throw at it. Lets have some healthy dialogue.



4 thoughts on “Why do black couples fight so damn much?!?!?

  1. well i guess since you a outspoken black man HELLO i’m a outspoken black women! Anyways it’s not always the woman to get knocked the fuck out. I have seen some females put a male down . I don’t think anyone should be putting their hands on anyone let me make that clear.If a couple is doing all that fighting int he first place they don’t need to be together in the first place.

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