Women and Male friends…Hmmmm…


To every guy reading this I encourage you to share this piece with your homeboys. You might already be up on game, but if your not keep reading. To the ladies reading this I hope you learn something from this piece also. Im gonna touch on all aspects of the “male friends” concept, while revealing a few secrets on why so many guys play along with this GAME. Secrets that a lot of women obviously DONT know…and some secrets that a lot of women DONT want you to know…

Now if you already turning your nose up reading this I dont know whether to feel sorry for you for being so damn stubborn and blind to the obvious truth, or to laugh at you for allowing a woman to brainwash you into believing she REALLY has “male friends”. This is why you need to keep reading. You obviously havent studied or mastered the game, neither have you realized you been getting played like a SUCKA for a long time now. To the fellas who play along with the “male friend” game, hats off to you, ONLY if you make it work to your advantage…but for the chumps who believe women have “male friends” for the sole purpose of true benevolence and nothing more, you need to read this piece 100 times a day until you memorize what Im about to teach you.

I’m sure you met plenty of women who either said all of her male friends are guys she “grew up with”, or “known since high school”, or how they are “like brothers”, and a bunch of other reasons right? And just like a moron, you BELIEVED her. This is where ALL men mess up. We must realize that women will ALWAYS be more clever than men. Why? Because women are MASTERS OF ILLUSION. Why you think its so hard to catch a woman cheating? Or lying? Or playing you? Think about it. The same goes for these so called “male friends” . Dont be stupid. Use common sense. What do you think she REALLY has “male friends” for? To play basketball with? To go shopping for lingerie with? To watch football with? Cmon son. You been getting PLAYED.

Heres the REAL truth…


Theres only 3 types of dudes women keep around…

Clutch buddies, Fuck buddies, and ATM buddies…

I will break down all three for you…

1.) THE CLUTCH BUDDY (attention giver)
The guy who hangs out with her from time to time, she tells you her problems, she calls or texts you to see “what you doing”. She lets you believe shes waiting for the right one, she gives you the window of opportunity by telling you she likes to “take things slow” and “get to know someone first before jumping into a relationship”. This is PURE GAME bruh. She telling you all that so you can chase her. In other words, give her ATTENTION. As far as her being your “friend”, do you think she REALLY cares about how your day is going? Or your feelings? She might. But she REALLY only calls you when shes BORED dude. Simple as that. She will add you to her list of “attention givers” and call or text you because she know she can get your attention when she wants it. Women LOVE to feel important, and the “clutch” buddy: meaning “guy she can always turn to for an ego boost” is always there to gas her up. Either by reminding her shes beautiful, or boosting her self esteem by taking her out, or listening to her vent when her boyfriend is treating her wrong, or by simply answering her phone calls when she “needs someone to talk to”. the “clutch” buddy is always right there.

Now this is where it gets tricky…a LOT of men already know this, and they use it to they advantage. For example: a guy who knows the game will play along and ACT like hes really trying to be her “friend”, but hes really using her to get attention from OTHER women. How? If a guy walks into a restaurant, bar, club, or any public place with a nice looking woman…or two…or three…all the women around will think hes intriguing because he has a nice looking woman or a few nice looking women around him. Women are honestly intimidated by other attractive women. Why do you think they compete so hard to stand out amongst other women? Another example is a guy who will have “FEmale friends” for the benefit of getting with one of HER friends, or even getting advice on HOW to get with one of her friends…or better yet HER. But she so busy thinking hes trying to be her “homeboy” she dont even know shes being GAMED. The guy who knows most of her deepest thoughts and secrets is usually the guy she ends up marrying…or fucking. Like all women say: “gotta be friends first” right? Now this leads to the next type of “male friend” she keeps around…

2.) THE FUCK BUDDY (a.k.a. her “best friend”)
You probably either played this role, or been PLAYED by this role. Women will tell you anything if you let her. When she says “hes like my brother, we known each other for years” do you REALLY believe that this guy just appeared in her life and NEVER got a piece of that ass? Cmon son. Open your eyes. How many times have YOU smashed a chick who has a boyfriend or a fiance, or a husband?…and if her man asks her about YOU what do you think she tells him? The SAME thing she told YOU about that OTHER mysterious guy who be calling her. The cool thing about this is that both sides usually know the deal, so in the end theres no feelings hurt. Only a fool will consider wifing a chick who lets a guy smash casually. You think she wont play you for a SMOOTHER guy who has MORE money and more status than you? WAKE UP!!!! If you get the benefit of sexing a chick without having to commit thats like being selected to win a free Ferrari via email. Its some BULLSHIT. Hit it once and keep it moving. Thats how real “playas” do right? WRONG. Most dudes keep smashing a “jumpoff” until he gets her knocked up, or caught up in some petty drama, or until he loses his respect or luster from her and gets dropped. YOU as the man have to ALWAYS drop the chick. Dont EVER get dropped. EVER. Hit it once and keep it moving. ALWAYS. Now if you do decide to go against the grain, do NOT hook up and smash more than 3 times. After the 3rd time she becomes your GIRLFRIEND. As well as a clingy nuisance you dont need or want. Im telling you. She will get attached after that 3rd time. 

3.) THE ATM BUDDY (the one with “stacks on deck”)
Almost every woman who is physically attractive (not you boo boo please sit down. thanks) always have a guy around who dont mind spending a little cash for her entertainment. Whether its to go hang out, go out to eat, catch a movie, go clubbing together, shopping…hell even exquisite trips and cruises. Some guys just got cash flow like that, and he might not mind spending on a woman. These are the ULTIMATE suckas to women…a woman MIGHT let the dude smash, but usually she leads him on to thinking he has a chance with her in the near future, so she might seduce him by telling him what he wants to hear, or by even giving him some becky in the front seat of his beamer, benz, or bentley, but in the end…she gets what SHE wants. MONEY and ATTENTION.

Now…if you cant see by now that you been either getting played, or simply playing yourself, then you need to go and re-read this piece another 100 times. If you dealing with a woman who claims to have “male friends” remember what I told you: WOMEN DONT HAVE MALE FRIENDS, ONLY CLUTCH BUDDIES, FUCK BUDDIES, AND ATM BUDDIES!!!!

Which one are YOU?





One thought on “Women and Male friends…Hmmmm…

  1. I have to disagree with you on this! Women can have male friends without being intimate with them.Not all relationships are based on sex.

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