Ok, SO I really didn’t feel like doing a review on last nights RHOA, but MessyBarbie did, and here is what she had to say about last nights blow up…


Yessssss!!! Tonight’s episode was all that from beginning to end.Let’s start off with Miss 1993 THIRSTY OF THE YEAR, this heffa here has lost all touch of reality.Not only are you begging for attention but you want what everyone else in that circle has  a MAN.Porcha Stewart stated during their girls little pow wow , that when she first met Kenya Moore they got off on the wrong foot.[Which wasn’t a lie at all].Anyways, Kenya Moore however overreacted to what porcha was saying to the other women about her version about what happened between the ladies.Before we know it Kenya Moore got all in her emotional bag with the conversation and TRIED to go all all Postal in a USA MAILROOM…where they do that at?


Now in my opinion i felt that  Porcha handled the situation well.It’s not as if she was trying to throw shade at her , but clearly since Kenya is so jealous of her she took that conversation the wrong way.One thing about Porcha is she do have some good one liners and i quote: you trying to revamp something you had 55 years ago Kenya!Now as the other ladies tried to calm down the situation, Nene clearly was also putting her two cents into it and she made some valid points.Can i just say that this is the NENE i missed… i’m soooo loving her so far this season.

In next episode it seems like Kenya’s little lies are about to come crashing down, because it seems like Walter has had enough.I’m so ready because in my phadrea voice: EVERYONE KNOWS THAT HER RELATIONSHIP IS BULLSHIT! This is season is so far intresting . Let me know whose side your on, do you feel Kenya or Porcha was right?

Source: http://messybarbie.wordpress.com


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