‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Episode 7 best moments…



Phaedra Snaps On Kenya

The episode picks up where it left off with Kenya asking Phaedra if she would have a “free pass” night of sex with Apollo and two of her friends. Phaedra quickly nips the conversation in the bud and tells Kenya to walk away. Kenya tries to pacify Phaedra, but Phaedra explains that husbands are off limits and that Kenya needs to “put some ice in her panties” and keep her hands off of other people’s husbands. Afterwards, Porsha tells Cynthia that Kenya danced sexually on Peter, and NeNe directly asks Kenya if her relationship with Walter is real. Kenya says it is, but, considering Walter’s recent revelation, apparently, that was a lie. 




Walter Doesn’t Propose to Kenya

At dinner, the couples are all having a fun time talking, when Walter abruptly pulls Kenya to the side to talk. Kenya is hoping that Walter finally pops the question to her, but she’s disappointed when he simply reveals Peter’s plan to renew his vows. Kenya says she’s happy for Cynthia, but admits she’ll probably cry because it’s not her wedding.



Kenya Snaps on NeNe

When the ladies all go out for a massage, Kenya’s relationship comes up and Kenya explains that she and Walter have talked about eloping. NeNe, again, tells Kenya that she doesn’t think her relationship with Walter is real. Kenya becomes increasingly upset. NeNe explains that Kenya and Walter just seem odd when they’re together and that it doesn’t feel like there’s a real connection between them. However, Kenya fires back that Walter is just laid back and different from all her other boyfriends. “I really don’t give a f— what other people think,” said Kenya.



*Peter’s Big Surprise for Cynthia

The big day has finally come and the couples set Peter’s secret plan into action. The men are all with Peter on a private island and the ladies keep Cynthia busy while they set up the wedding altar. The girls tell Cynthia that they’re going to have dinner with the prime minister, but when they arrive on the island, Cynthia is stunned to find Peter telling her that they’re renewing their vows. Peter cries as he speaks his vows to Cynthia, leaving the model nearly speechless and in tears as they exchange rings and kiss.



ImageKenya and Porsha fight

All episode long, Kenya and Porsha have been surprisingly civil to each other. But when all the ladies (sans Kandi) sit down for a post-wedding pow wow, Porsha begins recalingl her original beef with Kenya, much to Kenya’s disapproval. Kenya snaps when Porsha explains that she felt offended by Kenya’s diva attitude, and the two begin yelling and cursing at each other. They eventually have to be pulled away from each other by NeNe and Cynthia, and Kenya explains that she’s “gone with the wind fabulous” as she makes her exit.


Source: http://rollingout.com/entertainment/the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-episode-7-best-moments/



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