UPDATE: Ice-T and Coco!!!!


I know news of a rift between Ice T and Coco sent a shock to the hearts of hopeless romantics all over the world, but don’t give up on love or the couple. According to the New York Daily News, Ice T and Mrs. Ice T are just fine now, folks. In fact, there’s so good they’re out and about sippin’ Peach Ciroc together. Of course, you only sip with the ones you love most.

More on Romeo and Juliet here:

Coco and Ice T are no longer on the rocks. The voluptuous blond, who stars in “Peepshow” in Sin City, hit Gold Lounge at Aria this week with her hubby and the duo made quite a display of their love. “They were so cute together, cuddling and drinking Peach Ciroc cocktails. At one point they started dancing together — they looked so happy and so in love,” said an eyewitness. The two are past the scandal that nearly rocked their marriage, when early last month rapper AP.9 posted sexy pics of he and Coco partying together. Predictably, Ice hit the roof.


Source: T.U.D 


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