#LetterToTheRVAlien How do I stop my balls from stinking???? #Advice Column


Aye RVAlien,

Seriously, In the past i’m alway afraid to let this girl give me oral. I wash really well. But a few hours later they start to smell a little weird. I don’t know what to do. I thnk she can smell a little odor when she’s right next to my privates. Also i know i can’t be alone with this situation. I’m sure many other guys get oral. Do they care if there girl smells there privates and it’s a little funky or what? Or is a little funk normal? They never seem to stay fresh for long.

Jamik Brown

Chicago, IL

TheRVAlien responds: If you live near a health food store, you know like a damn CVS or Walgreens, go buy something called “Chlorophyll”. It should come in a bottle. Take 1 teaspoon per day. This shit aint nasty either, almost sweet.Chlorophyll will deodorize your entire body; get rid of bad breathe or any other fucked up odors.

More importantly, be sure you are actually washing them muthafuckas…nothing would be more embarrassing than a woman throwing up on your dick all because your balls rotten!! 


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