What women don’t know…


I think one of the BIGGEST mistakes we make as men, is simply NOT being honest about what we want. Women have no issue telling us what they want AND when we are not living up to those standards. I am about to turn 33 years old and I have to find a way to do this with out coming across ass “unhappy” or “bored”. Often times we, as men settle just as much as females, but sometimes…we may feel that a certain woman is our soul mate, but she could be lacking in ONE area and that could cause MAJOR problems in the entire relationship. I will try my best to do this in order…


  1. Sex: Many BLACK women have sexual limits, and IM not thinking of anything bizarre like a three-some or whips and chains and handcuffs (Not a bad idea), But women are quick to try to kill a man and his side bitch when she finds out there is one, but NEVER stops to ask herself, “What did I or didn’t I do?” It’s a sad day in time when some women don’t perform oral sex, will never let her man “put in her booty”, some don’t even do doggy style, some think letting her man eat her ass is disgusting and NOT NORMAL! Well, all of this is freaky shit, I must admit…But…Bitch DO IT, because to make it plain and simply, for every 5 “regular bitches” there are about 28 FREAKY, NASTY bitches that are just waiting to do ALL THE THINGS YOU WON’T DO.
  2. Knowing when to shut-up: Another flaw of “The Black Woman” as beautiful as you are, you don’t know when to stop bringing up stupid shit, If you truly want your relationship to work, stop pointing out all of his flaws and focus on the shit he does right. You all always complain about not having a good man, and then when you get one, you push him away with your unrealistic ass standards.

Peace Homies….

-TheRVAlien aka Daitron


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