Diamond is keeping herself busy while her boyfriend is running around with strippers and video vixens. The young rapper covers the latest digital issue of “EGL” Magazine aka “Everything Girls Love”. EGL was created by Love and Hip Hop  star Yandy Smith. Which raises an interesting question will Diamond be featured on “L&HH ATL”? Diamond looks great on the cover and inside discusses her personal life, relationship status and being called a home wrecker.

On if she will be joining L&HH ATL:

“I have answered that question a million times, but ill answer it again, i won’t.”

On why she decided to become a rapper:

“I have four sisters, but my closest sister is 5 years older than me. She was in a rap group and i was into poetry. One day she told me ‘poetry isnt to far from rapping’ “.

On what keeps her grounded:

“Keeping God first, and having a wonderful family, a wonderful supportive system. I have great parents, wonderful sisters, wonderful brothers”.

On her relationship with Soulja Boy and both them being artist:

Well, Im single, but the relationship as far as me and him, were best friends so i think thats what keeps us so balanced. I learned alot from him and he learned alot from me. Our foundation is that were really really good friends, hes a good person”


Source: G.D.com


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