Chris Brown’s Community Service FRAUD!!!!


Richmond, VA—Prosecutors in Los Angeles are asking a judge to make Chris Brown re-do his community service work, and say that reports of his service by Richmond Police are “sloppy” and “fraudulent.” Now, a former Richmond Police captain—and a Brown family friend—is speaking out about the situation.

The R&B singer, known as much for his troubles with the law as for his music, was allowed to complete his community service hours in Virginia. The community service hours were in connection with the 2009 beating of his then-girlfriend Rihanna at his home in Virginia; he was ordered to complete 180 labor hours.

Richmond police submitted records to prove that Brown had completed his required number of community service hours. Some of the records indicate that Brown performed double shifts on some days, and that he worked 508 hours at the Tappahannock Children’s Center.

But prosecutors say those hours “cannot be verified or documented.”

Brown’s mother was the director of the center at one time, and, while he was assigned there, the documents state she “was responsible for orchestrating this work.”

8News caught up with former Richmond Police captain Adrianne McLemore Tuesday afternoon; we learned that she was not only a friend of Chris Brown’s mother, but was also instrumental in setting up a meeting with Chief Bryan Norwood.

McLemore says in 2009, Brown’s mother asked her to arrange a meeting with Chief Norwood to discuss her son’s probation. The meeting happened, and shortly thereafter, Brown began reporting to Norwood, instead of the Department of Probation.

When we asked McLemore if she had requested any special favors for Brown because she knew his mom and aunt, she told us emphatically “No.”

Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray wrote in a motion filed Tuesday that the records Richmond Police turned into the court are “at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting.”

8News contacted Richmond Police about this issue; Richmond Police spokesperson Gene Lepley submitted the following statement: “It would be inappropriate to comment on a matter before the court.”

This is a developing story…stay with 8News for updates.

Source: Young Broadcasting of Richmond/ WRIC news


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