Friendship: Myth or Fact


We’ve all been through it, the “F” word, and I am not talking if the word you’re thinking of, I’m talking about the forbidden word “Friends”. It’s a sad day in time, I am now 32 and I’m finally coming to the realization that if the person you consider a friend is not someone you’ve grown up with, chances are they are NOT a friend and more than likely have some type of motive. Sad, right? Of course this is not always the case, for some reason “FakeAssness” stands out just a little bit more in the black community. Just in case you didn’t know, a true friend will never reveal things that you’ve told them in confidence just because you have a disagreement, a real friend will never let anyone talk about you in a negative way, but more than anything , a true friend will never use the term “friend” just because it gives them a sense of entitlement. Going forward, call it like it is, if someone is giving themselves a title of “friend” before you consider them that, they have motives. Now that is all people!! Talk to you later!!

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