Drama Queen, Kanye West goes H1N1 (Ham) on Jay-Z and Obama!!


Kanye is at it again!!! Personally I’m not a fan of shit talkers, and Kanye is already on the verge of getting Blacklisted in the industry!!! Here’s what he had to say…

“Remind me again why Grammys can suck my d-ck/Remind me again who was the original super fly/
and I got love for HOV but I ain’t f-cking with that ‘Suit & Tie’”

I don’t give a f**k what the president got to say

Remind me again why we in this sh-t?
Since when was making music about getting rich
Since when was making art about getting rich
Remind me why we arguing about f-cking somebody else’s b-tch?

Real n-ggas don’t live too long in this sh-t
I can give a f-ck about everything, remind me why we in this sh-t, I lost my muthaf-ckin mom, so I can give a f-ck about your comments

We all gon’ die one day but I’mma live my life my way

Not sure how Jay feels about this publicity stunt of Kanye’s but word in the industry is that Kim and Kanye, were paid $20,000,000 to have a baby, thanks to a deal Kim’s mom-manager inked for the two.


The Fukkkk you gotta say????

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