Say Something Nice Challenge!! Future & Ciara

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Lil’ Wayne only expected to sell WHAT?!?!


When “The Carter 4” was released the album sold 940,000 copies in its first week…Now those are known as Justin Timberlake numbers, because Lil’ Wayne is only expected to sell roughly $200,000 copies in its opening week. Even after his alleged recent publicity stunts concerning his health, this is all they could come up with. Perhaps Wayne new this, perhaps this is the reason he tried selling sympathy… Was it due to the fact we completely forgot about the prior album I am not a human being that was released when the Martian was in prison in 2010…Well needless to say, regardless of this prediction, Wayne is still pushing some of the best numbers even though , lots of people no longer buy music. Be on the look out for the “America’s Most Wanted” Tour featuring Atlanta mega star, T.I !!


Is @PorshaDStewart suicidal after DIVORCE announcement?!?!



Sometimes when you’re in a relationship you can easily become too dependent on your spouse…which causes you to hit a depression stage when (not “if”) the relationship comes to a terrifying sudden stop. Porsha has been tweeting about going to “see Jesus” since she found out about the divorce. I think he is only divorcing her out of fear that her being on the show will cause his gay skeletons to come twerking out of his closet. But that’s another story. According to the tweets we should be praying for Porsha because it seems that she is laying in her mansion alone and depressed. I’m not sure if she’s depressed because of her weekly allowance being stopped or because she just lost her best friend (homegirl) Kordell Stewart. Peep the tweets…


Say What?! Kim Zolciak and Nene Leakes “Friends Again”??


I’ve said this before and I will say it again…Nothing worse than a bi-polar relationship…and this includes friendships. Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak have been friends for years prior to signing on to do the show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Fame and money quickly became a demon in their friendship. It seemed that the two quickly became self absorbed and wasted no time pretend fighting for the rolling cameras. Eventually the issue that they had in common (money) became more apparent. Kim and her children would throw jabs at at Nene Leakes while taping scenes. Well all of that seems to have come to a close…Maybe Kim is just coming to the realization that Nene Leakes is the master mind behind her (Kim’s) fame, and that she truly needs her in order for her to maintain her lifestyle. Below is a tweet from Nene Leakes explaining while you may have saw her pulled over sobbing in the streets of Atlanta…

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Yo’ Ass Ain’t Famous!!!!


Normally I’m not one to feed into petty bullshit…OK, Im lying, I really am…But I have good reason. As much as I love social networking, I am easily irritated by it. For instance, when I see people posting shit that would give the “unknown” reason to believe that they live a life full of riches and fame…My blood pressure immediately rises. We all know that one rapper, blogger, promoter that thinks they should be hanging with the likes of Jay-Z or Diddy, but they get food stamps, unemployment and or Section 8 (You know when your rent is $3.00 a month and you can’t tell anyone your baby daddy lives in your apartment). Well, recently I was given some information that practically had me laughing my ass off. You dumb asses need to be more aware of who follows you, because I know people, that KNOW people, that work at Social Services. Anyway… So many of you believe the hype… If you post a picture of a BMW 760 Li on Instagram that says “Does this color fit me?” be prepared for the answer… “No Bitch, and neither does the price tag!!” You bitches have Dom Perignon taste, but Barefoot budgets!! Stop fronting for your “fans”…Speaking of which…Why the FUCK do you feel you have fans?? That’s another post though. Now, on to something else… I can’t think of ONE person in my city that is RICH from rapping, blogging, radio, modeling or acting…We are all in the same category of “Just gotta make it”. So, instead of spending time knocking my grind, or my business or my work, focus on BUILDING relationships. So many people spend 80% of their day tearing down other people in the city. It’s almost like, If I don’t do business with certain circles, I’m doomed. For some reason many of us feel that if “X” can’t do something FREE for me, I will just make sure no one else in the city works with him/her. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!! I keep seeing people post stupid shit like “Started from the bottom, now I’m here”. Exactly where are you? Grinding for free? Stop with the “self proclaimed celebrity”™ shit! Anyways, I’ll be back! Until then…Chill with the shade, it only makes you look stupid and thirsty. -TheRVAlien®™


Tamar Braxton is PREGNANT!!!!


US Weekly is reporting:

Tamar Braxton has a bun in the oven! The “Love and War” singer announced she is pregnant during a March 13 appearance on Good Morning America. This will be the first child for Braxton, 35, and her record executive husband, Vince Herbert, 43.
Moments after Braxton’s announcement, the Alexander McQueen-clad mom-to-be shared the first picture of her baby bump on Instagram. “I have a love on top! I am pregnant!” Braxton (referencing Beyonce’s “Love on Top” anthem) told ABC’s Lara Spencer. “I feel great and greedy at the same time. This is the most I’ve eaten ever.”
Braxton didn’t reveal her due date on air, but she did hint that the big day is coming sooner than later. “I don’t have that many months to go,” she teased. “Almost there!”
The new season of Braxton Family Values premieres March 14 at 9 p.m. on WE tv. The couple’s spinoff series, Tamar & Vince, aired its season finale in December 2012. Braxton later revealed the show will be returning for a second season via her official Twitter account.

Official “Cocky T-Shirts” available for order today!!!!


Finally, I will be posting the order link today at 2:00pm for the release of my first three shirts!! They are $25.00 and will be shipped out on April 1st, 2013!!!! Spread the word!! Come back today at 2pm Eastern Standard Time to place orders!!! One lucky person will win a shirt just by using #CockyShirtsByTheRVAlien hash tag!!!!



Ratchet Chicks and their Social Media!!!!

What’s up Fam!

I have to have this discussion with you, only because many of you have no idea that your girl is a basic bitch…Now, before I go any further, understand that I know the term “Basic Bitch” is quite old, but unfortunately, the breed still exist. Set aside the fact that these bitches still use iPhone 4 on Virgin Mobile, the main reason is because they don’t have shit. And they are fine with that. They get section 8, WIC, Foodstamps but their main Facebook and Twitter status says “I’m a single mother, doing it by myself!” Lies Bitch, you ARE not doing it by yourself, Social Services helps you, oh and child support. She will have anywhere from 3-6 kids, yet she isn’t even 25…she works just enough to make about $12,000 a year, to make sure she gets at least $6k back from Uncle Sam. She more than likely has a different father for each of her children. She leaves her kids home to come over your house to get fucked, she can’t find a job because of lack of a baby sitter, yet she always manages to find a babysitter for the club. Most of her freaky pictures on Instagram will have one of her 3 kids right beside her ass bent over, dirty clothes will be on her floor in the picture…Actually, I’m going to give you the top ten ways to know you’re dealing with a basic bitch!!! Read them after the break below!!
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#PhukWhatChaHeard Carmelo and LaLa are still together! (Photographed Evidence)




Justin Bieber for some reason thinks he’s a rapper….


Once again Justin Bieber was photo’d partying hard and drinking! For some reason it seems white people can’t handle fame, they all seem to turn to alcohol and drugs and eventually overdose… Lets see what happens…